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Anna Olswanger's blog
Official blog for author Anna Olswanger, on Goodreads.
Anna Olswanger’s website
Paula Goodman
Official website for the award-winning illustrator of Shlemiel Crooks, Paula Goodman Koz.
Shlemiel Crooks Discussion Guide for Families
A discussion guide for families to use while reading Shlemiel Crooks
Shlemiel Crooks Classroom Guide
A guide for teachers using Shlemiel Crooks in their classrooms.
The Book of Life
Listen to a podcast interview with Anna Olswanger
Just One More Book
Anna Olswanger discusses her work as an author and an agent in the Just One More Book podcast
Shlemiel Crooks audio clip
Download an excerpt from Shlemiel Crooks as read by author Anna Olswanger
Book Trailer for Shlemiel Crooks
Enjoy this delightful book trailer for Shlemiel Crooks, including a reading of the book’s first pages.
Also by Anna Olswanger, Greenhorn is the story of a young Holocaust survivor who arrives at a New York yeshiva in 1946. The complex relationships of the yeshiva boys build Greenhorn to a touching conclusion; whole families will enjoy Greenhorn together. With illustrations by Miriam Nerlove.