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Only in Alabama

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Only in Alabama: More Colorful True Stories from a Lawyer's Life, 2016-2019
Bill Baxley (Foreword by)
Julian McPhillips (Author)
Format: Trade Paper, 240 pages
Pub Date: 08/15/2019
Price: $26.95
ISBN: 1-58838-405-5
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As the "Heart of Dixie" approaches its 2019 Bicentennial, attorney-author Julian L. McPhillips Jr. again draws upon his colorful cases and clients to explore some of the unique aspects of the mind, spirit, and culture of his home state. Two chapters involve other lawyers: a "DUI king" and a family of eight lawyers practicing together. Another relates how in the 1930s F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald enjoyed the same Montgomery neighborhood in which Helen Keller's sister lived and the famous Keller famously visited. This 26-chapter book combines intriguing history with spirituality and brings home interesting tales about Alabamians in distress.
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