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Junior Ray

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Junior Ray
John Pritchard (Author)
Category: Fiction
Format: Trade Paper, 160 pages
Pub Date: 2008
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 1-58838-232-X
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Named a Barnes and Noble 2005 Sensational Debut Novel, this provocative book takes the reader on a wild ride inside the mind of the unforgettable Mississippi Delta good-old-boy ex-deputy sheriff Junior Ray Loveblood. Loveblood narrates the story in his own profane, colloquial voice, telling why he hates just about everybody and why he wants to shoot Leland Shaw, a shell-shocked World War II hero and poet who is hiding in a silo from what he believes are German patrols. Through a series of sleights of hand, misdirections, and near misses, Junior Ray and his sidekick Voyd give a dark tour of the Delta country as they chase their mysterious prey.

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