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Jim Crow and Me

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Jim Crow and Me: Stories From My Life As a Civil Rights Lawyer
Solomon Seay, Jr. (Author)
Delores R. Boyd (Coauthor)
John Hope Franklin (Foreword)
Category: History/United States/20th Century
Format: Trade Cloth, 176 pages
Pub Date: Spring 2009
Price: $25.00
ISBN: 1-58838-175-7
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Civil rights lawyer Solomon S. Seay, Jr. chronicles both heartening and heartbreaking episodes of his first-hand struggle to achieve the actualization of civil rights. Tempered with wit and told with endearing humility, Seay’s memoir Jim Crow and Me: Stories from My Life as a Civil Rights Lawyer gives one pause for both cultural and personal reflection.

With an eloquence befitting one of Alabama’s most celebrated attorneys, Seay manages to not only relay his personal struggles with much fervor and introspection, but to acknowledge, in each brief piece, the greater societal struggle in which his story is necessarily framed. Jim Crow and Me is more than just a memoir of one man’s battle against injustice—it is an accessible testament to the precarious battle against civil injustice that continues even today.

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