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An American Romance

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An American Romance

Category: Fiction
Format: Trade Paper, 216 pages
Pub Date: 2002 Spring
Price: $14.00
ISBN: 978-1-58838-076-0
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An American Romance, originally published in 1960 by Simon and Schuster, was Hans Koning’s second novel. Its story is about love and marriage—and the devastating difference between them. Two attractive young people marry within three weeks of their first meeting, and their early days are spent in isolated, intense excitement. For Philip, Ann is miraculous, the woman of his dreams. But he, like many of his time and place, has not learned to live with fulfillment. Happiness to him lies in its pursuit; there is no place for Tristan and Isolde in a two-room apartment. What happens to Philip and Ann is told in a haunting novel that looks deep into the natures of men and women. Here is the dichotomy of male and female caught in the intimate transcript of one couple’s progress in and out of love.

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