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Susan Ford Wiltshire

Susan Ford Wiltshire is Professor of Classics Emerita at Vanderbilt University. She is author of Public and Private in Vergilís Aeneid; Greece, Rome, and the Bill of Rights; Seasons of Grief and Grace; Athenaís Disguises; and Windmills and Bridges: Poems Near and Far. She serves on the editorial board of the Progressive Book Club and lives with her husband on their farm in rural Middle Tennessee.
Books by Susan Ford Wiltshire:
  • American Crisis, Southern Solutions: From Where We Stand, Promise and Peril
  • ISBN: 1-58838-228-1, Trade Cloth
  • Hospitality or Exile?
  • ISBN: 1-60306-186-X, ebook
  • Standing on the Promises: Absolutes and Imagination in Southern Religion
  • ISBN: 1-60306-168-1, ebook
  • Where We Stand: Voices of Southern Dissent
  • ISBN: 1-58838-169-2, Trade Cloth