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I Don't Want To Be Rich, Just Able
1-58838-058-0, Trade Cloth
I Just Make People Up
1-60306-045-6, Trade Cloth
I Just Make People Up - limited edition
1-60306-045-6-LE, Trade Cloth
I Know What Iím Doing
1-58838-143-9, Trade Paper
I Left My Heart in Shanghi, Alabama
1-60306-207-6, Trade Paper
Identity Politics, Southern Style
1-60306-177-0, ebook
If I Ever Get Back to Georgia, Iím Gonna Nail My Feet to the Ground
1-58838-273-7, Trade Paper
Ignoring Inequality
1-60306-169-X, ebook
In Love with Defeat: The Making of a Southern Liberal
1-58838-277-X, Trade Cloth
In the Company of Owls
1-58838-036-X, Trade Cloth
In the Land of Cotton: How Old Times There Still Shape Alabamaís Future
1-60306-397-8, Trade Paper
In the Midst of Life
1-60306-020-0, Trade Paper
In the Name of the Law: An Oral History of Law Enforcement
1-58838-126-9, Trade Paper
In the Realm of Rivers: Alabamaís Mobile-Tensaw Delta
1-58838-172-2, Trade Cloth
An Interview with Abraham Lincoln: April 1, 1865
1-58838-256-7, Trade Paper with French Flaps
The Intolerable Burden
1-60306-174-6, ebook
1-58838-307-5, Trade Cloth
Itís Good Weather for Fudge: Conversing With Carson McCullers
1-58838-333-4, Trade Paper with French Flaps