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NewSouth Books
'Echoes' of Robert E. Lee High School: The First Decade, 1955-65
1-60306-379-X, Trade Paper
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The Big Read Edition
1-58838-246-X, Trade Paper
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The Big Read Edition
1-58838-247-8, Trade Cloth
Against the Grain
1-58838-294-X, Trade Cloth
Alabama Album: Collected Poems
1-60306-405-2, Trade Paper
The Alabama Guide 2011-2014: Our People, Resources, and Government
1-60306-146-0, Trade Paper
Alabama, One Big Front Porch
1-58838-374-1, Trade Paper
Ali Dubyiah and the Forty Thieves
1-58838-202-8, Trade Cloth
All Guts and No Glory
1-58838-209-5, Trade Cloth
Amazing Alabama: A Coloring Book Journey Through Our 67 Counties
1-58838-339-3, Trade Paper
American Crisis, Southern Solutions: From Where We Stand, Promise and Peril
1-58838-228-1, Trade Cloth
American Crisis, Southern Solutions: From Where We Stand, Promise and Peril
1-60306-165-7, Trade Paper
American Founders: How People of African Descent Established Freedom in the New World
1-58838-331-8, Trade Cloth
American Happiness
1-58838-327-X, Trade Cloth
American Wake: New & Selected Poems
1-58838-180-3, Trade Cloth
Anchors of Faith: Early Wooden Churches of the Deep South
1-60306-311-0, Trade Paper
And All the Layered Light
1-60306-038-3, Trade Paper
The Annotated Pickett’s History of Alabama: And Incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi, from the Earliest Period
1-58838-032-7, Trade Cloth
Attacking Myasthenia Gravis
1-60306-267-X, Trade Paper
Behind the Hedges: Big Money and Power Politics at the University of Georgia
1-58838-206-0, Trade Cloth
Behold, This Dreamer
1-58838-002-5, Trade Cloth
Behold, This Dreamer
1-58838-061-0, Trade Paper
Better Than Them: The Unmaking of an Alabama Racist
1-60306-343-9, Trade Paper
Beyond the Burning Bus: The Civil Rights Revolution in a Southern Town
1-60306-010-3, Trade Paper
1-58838-145-5, Trade Cloth
Bitter Harvest: Richmond Flowers and the Civil Rights Revolution
1-60306-371-4, Trade Paper
Boo of the Silver Rod
1-58838-094-7, Trade Paper
The Books That Mattered: A Reader’s Memoir
1-58838-287-7, Trade cloth
Byways of Baldwin
1-60306-019-7, Trade Cloth
Candid Comments: Selected Columns from the Eufaula Tribune, 1958–2006
1-60306-068-5, Trade Cloth
Canebrake Beach: A Novella and Four Short Stories
1-60306-231-9, Trade Paper
Century of the Death of the Rose: Selected Poems of Jorge Carrera Andrade
1-60306-023-5, Trade Paper
The Chairman: The Rise and Betrayal of Jim Greer
1-58838-308-3, Trade Cloth
The Children Bob Moses Led
1-60306-335-8, Trade Paper
Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night
1-58838-303-2, Trade Paper
The City of Churches
1-58838-142-0, Trade Cloth
Civil Rights in My Bones
1-60306-417-6, Trade Paper
Climbing Jacob’s Ladder: A Trial Lawyer’s Journey on Behalf of “the Least of These”
1-58838-078-5, Trade Cloth
Closed Ranks: The Whitehurst Case in Post-Civil Rights Montgomery
1-58838-362-8, Trade Paper
1-58838-029-7, Trade Cloth
Coming of Age in Utopia: The Odyssey of an Idea
1-58838-225-7, Trade Cloth
Complete Humanity in Jesus: A Theological Memoir
1-60306-047-2, Trade Paper
Conecuh People: Words of Life from the Alabama Black Belt
1-58838-181-1, Trade Cloth
Conecuh People: Words of Life from the Alabama Black Belt
1-58838-184-6, Trade Paper
Consequential Learning: A Public Approach to Better Schools
1-58838-185-4, Trade Cloth
Consequential Learning: A Public Approach to Better Schools
1-58838-186-2, Trade Paper
Corina’s Way
1-58838-129-3, Trade Cloth
Corina’s Way
1-60306-373-0, Trade Paper
Cosmic Latte
1-60306-245-9, Trade Paper
Crusader Without Violence: A Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
1-58838-350-4, Trade Paper
Dark Roast: A Collection of Poems of Nostalgia and Reflection
1-60306-439-7, Trade Paper
Deep Family: Four Centuries of American Originals and Southern Eccentrics
1-58838-178-1, Trade Cloth
Drawing by Stealth: John Trumbull and the Creek Indians
1-60306-363-3, Trade Paper
Eleven Myths About the Tuskegee Airmen
1-60306-147-9, Trade Paper
An Elmore County Life
1-60306-024-3, Trade Paper
Elvis Is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself
1-58838-271-0, Trade Paper
Emigration to Liberia: From the Chattahoochee Valley of Georgia and Alabama, 1853-1903
1-60306-329-3, Trade Paper
Enchanted Evening Barbie and the Second Coming: A Memoir
1-58838-250-8, Trade Cloth
Eugene Allen Smith's Alabama: How a Geologist Shaped a State
1-58838-243-5, Trade Cloth
Eugene Bullard: World’s First Black Fighter Pilot
1-58838-326-1, Trade Paper
Evolution of the Alabama Agroecosystem: Always Keeping Up, but Never Catching Up
1-60306-203-3, Trade Cloth
Faith and Works: The Politics, Business, and Philanthrophy of Alabama’s Jimmy Faulkner
1-58838-092-0, Trade Cloth
Fall Line
1-58838-265-6, Trade Cloth
1-60306-161-4, Trade Paper
A Fast Walk Through a Long History: Civil Rights from Jamestown to Selma
1-60306-434-6, Trade Paper
Fear Not the Fall
1-58838-161-7, Trade Paper
February Mission
1-60306-002-2, Trade Cloth
Fire Ants and Other Stories
1-58838-208-7, Trade Cloth
A Ford in the River
1-60306-112-6, Trade Cloth
The Forest and the Trees: A Memoir of a Man, a Family, and a Company
1-60306-374-9, Trade Paper
Forever Blue: The Memoirs of a Lanier High School and University of Kentucky Football Coach
1-60306-347-1, Trade Paper
Forgiving Sam
1-58838-067-X, Trade Cloth
1-58838-317-2, Trade Cloth
The Freedom Rides and Alabama: A Guide to Key Events and Places, Context, and Impact
1-60306-106-1, Trade Paper
From Brooklyn to the Olympics: The Hall of Fame Career of Auburn University Track Coach Mel Rosen
1-58838-305-9, Trade Cloth
From Vacillation to Resolve: The French Communist Party in the Resistance, 1939-1944
1-58838-381-4, Trade Paper
A George Washington Carver Handbook
1-60306-016-2, Trade Paper
Go and Be Reconciled: Alabama Methodists Confront Racial Injustice, 1954-1974
1-58838-325-3, Trade Paper
Go South to Freedom
1-58838-316-4, Trade Cloth
Go, Go, Said the Bird
1-58838-140-4, Trade Paper
God, Sex, Drugs & Other Things
1-60306-383-8, Trade Paper
1-58838-292-3, Trade Cloth
Gone Home: Southern Folk Gravestone Art
1-58838-116-1, Trade Paper
1-58838-192-7, Trade Cloth
Habeas Circus: Illegal Humor
1-58838-030-0, Trade Paper
Hadacol Days: A Southern Boyhood
1-58838-200-1, Trade Cloth
Hairy, Scary, but Mostly Merry Fairies!: Curing Nature Deficiency through Folklore, Imagination, and Creative Activities
1-58838-328-8, Trade Paper
1-58838-290-7, Trade Cloth
A Hard Rain: America in the 1960s, Our Decade of Hope and Innocence Lost
1-58838-344-X, Trade Cloth
Hear the Bugles Calling: My Three Wars as a Combat Infantryman
1-60306-025-1, Trade Paper
Here We May Rest: Alabama Immigrants in the Age of HB 56
1-60306-432-X, Trade Paper
Historians in Service of a Better South: Essays in Honor of Paul Gaston
1-60306-446-X, Trade Paper
Historic Alabama Courthouses: A Century of Their Images and Stories
1-58838-334-2, Trade Paper with French Flaps
History of Huntingdon College, 1854-1954
1-58838-171-4, Trade Paper
History of the Bank of Atmore
1-58838-177-3, Trade Cloth
A Home for Wayward Boys: The Early History of the Alabama Boys’ Industrial School
1-60306-345-5, Trade Paper
Hugo Black of Alabama: How His Roots and Early Career Shaped the Great Champion of the Constitution
1-60306-447-8, Trade Paper
I Don't Want To Be Rich, Just Able
1-58838-058-0, Trade Cloth
I Just Make People Up
1-60306-045-6, Trade Cloth
I Left My Heart in Shanghi, Alabama
1-60306-207-6, Trade Paper
In the Land of Cotton: How Old Times There Still Shape Alabama’s Future
1-60306-397-8, Trade Paper
In the Midst of Life
1-60306-020-0, Trade Paper
In the Name of the Law: An Oral History of Law Enforcement
1-58838-126-9, Trade Paper
In the Realm of Rivers: Alabama’s Mobile-Tensaw Delta
1-58838-172-2, Trade Cloth
An Interview with Abraham Lincoln: April 1, 1865
1-58838-256-7, Trade Paper with French Flaps
The Invitation
1-58838-307-5, Trade Cloth
It’s Good Weather for Fudge: Conversing With Carson McCullers
1-58838-333-4, Trade Paper with French Flaps
Jeffrey’s Favorite 13 Ghost Stories
1-58838-170-6, Trade Cloth
The Jemison Cafe: Reflections on an Alabama Boyhood
1-60306-445-1, Trade Paper
Jim Crow and Me: Stories From My Life As a Civil Rights Lawyer
1-58838-175-7, Trade Cloth
Journey to the Wilderness: War, Memory, and a Southern Family’s Civil War Letters
1-58838-312-1, Trade Cloth
The Judge: The Life and Opinions of Alabama’s Frank M. Johnson, Jr.
1-58838-158-7, Trade Cloth
A Judge in the Senate: Howell Heflin’s Career of Politics and Principle
1-58838-026-2, Trade Cloth
Junior Ray
1-58838-232-X, Trade Paper
Junior Ray
1-58838-111-0, Trade Cloth
Killing Yamamoto: The American Raid That Avenged Pearl Harbor
1-60306-387-0, Trade Paper
The Last Queen of the Gypsies
1-58838-242-7, Trade Cloth
Leaving Gee's Bend
1-58838-332-6, Trade Paper
Leslie W. Dunbar: Reflections by Friends
1-60306-441-9, Trade Paper
Lessons from the Big Guys: What I Learned From Servant Leaders — Hugh McColl, Bill Lee, Jack Eckerd, and Adolph Rupp
1-58838-086-6, Trade Cloth
Life and Death Matters: Seeking the Truth About Capital Punishment
1-58838-234-6, Trade Cloth
Like a Tree
1-60306-036-7, Trade Cloth
Like Shooting Rapids in the Dark: Selected Writings on Education by Billy O. Wireman
1-58838-088-2, Trade Cloth
1-58838-311-3, Trade Paper
Man and Mission
1-60306-040-5, Trade Paper
Mark Twain’s Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn: The NewSouth Edition
1-58838-267-2, Trade Paper
Mayor Todd
1-58838-182-X, Trade Paper
The McGillivray and McIntosh Traders: On the Old Southwest Frontier, 1716-1815
1-60306-014-6, Trade Paper
Meeting Myself 'Round the Corner
1-60306-048-0, Trade Cloth
Mississippi's Exiled Daughter
1-58838-329-6, Trade Paper
Moonshine Memories
1-60306-006-5, Trade Paper
Mother & Me: An Intimate Memoir of Her Last Years
1-58838-115-3, Trade Cloth
Mr. Brandon's School Bus: What I Heard on the Way to School
1-58838-322-9, Trade Paper
My Alabama: John Dersham Photographs a State
1-58838-340-7, Trade Cloth
My Journey: A Memoir of the First African American to Preside Over the Alabama Board of Education
1-58838-257-5, Trade Cloth
Neither Carpetbaggers nor Scalawags: Black Officeholders During the Reconstruction of Alabama 1867-1878
1-58838-189-7, Trade Paper
The New South Creed: A Study in Southern Mythmaking
1-60306-143-6, Trade Paper
Nicaraguan Gringa: Claiming a Home
1-60306-359-5, Trade Paper
No Greater Privilege: The Making of a Physician
1-58838-352-0, Trade Paper
No Hill Too High for a Stepper: Memories of Montevallo, Alabama
1-60306-357-9, Trade Cloth
No Remorse: The Rise and Fall of John Wallace
1-58838-264-8, Trade cloth
Nobody But the People: The Life and Times of Alabama’s Youngest Governor
1-58838-221-4, Trade Cloth
Nudes of God
1-58838-028-9, Trade Cloth
On the Hills of God
1-58838-204-4, Trade Cloth
One More River to Cross: The Selected Poetry of John Beecher
1-58838-103-X, Trade Paper
The Other Side of Montgomery: Growing Up White in the Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement
1-60306-055-3, Trade Cloth
Overheard in a Drugstore: And Other Poems
1-60306-399-4, Trade Paper with French Flaps
Pale Blue Light
1-60306-310-2, Trade Paper
The Path Was Steep: A Memoir of Appalachian Coal Camps During the Great Depression
1-58838-261-3, Trade Paper with French Flaps
The People's Lawyer: The Colorful Life and Times of Julian L. McPhillips, Jr.
1-58838-004-1, Trade Cloth
The People’s Lawyer (2005): The Colorful Life and Times of Julian L. McPhillips, Jr.
1-58838-069-6, Trade Paper
Planting Hope on Worn-Out Land: The History of the Tuskegee Land Utilization Study, Macon County, Alabama, 1935-1959
1-58838-205-2, Trade Cloth
The Poetry of Faith: Sermons Preached in a Southern Church
1-60306-278-5, Trade Paper
The Politics of Presidential Appointment: A Memoir of the Culture War
1-58838-068-8, Trade Cloth
Poor Man’s Provence: Finding Myself in Cajun Louisiana
1-58838-218-4, Trade Cloth
The Quilt: And the Poetry of Alabama Music
1-60306-390-0, Trade Paper
The Red Tower: New & Selected Poems
1-58838-231-1, Trade Cloth
Reflections of the Civil War in Southern Humor
1-60306-392-7, Trade Paper
Remembering Thunder
1-58838-077-7, Trade Cloth
Requiem for a Flower Child: A Jake Falcon Mystery
1-60306-402-8, Trade Paper
Researching African American Genealogy in Alabama: A Resource Guide
1-60306-044-8, Trade Paper
Respectable and Disreputable: Leisure Time in Antebellum Montgomery, Alabama
1-60306-229-7, Trade Paper
Robert R. Taylor and Tuskegee: An African American Architect Designs for Booker T. Washington
1-58838-248-6, Trade Cloth
The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail: Its History and Economic Impact
1-58838-318-0, Trade Cloth
Sailing to Alluvium: A novel
1-58838-269-9, Trade Cloth
The Secret Ingredient: More Musings from the Ronald McDonald House
1-58838-309-1, Trade Cloth
A Senator's Wife Remembers: From the Great Depression to the Great Society
1-60306-056-1, Trade Cloth
Shine Annie
1-60306-004-9, Trade Paper
The Shining Shining Path
1-58838-071-8, Trade Paper
Simon Went Fishing on Sunday
1-60306-052-9, Trade Paper
Sing for Freedom: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement Through Its Songs
1-58838-193-5, Trade Paper
So Far From Home: Royal Air Force and Free French Air Force Flight Training at Maxwell and Gunter Fields during World War II
1-60306-369-2, Trade Paper
The Soul of Southern Cooking
1-58838-052-1, Trade Paper
The South's New Racial Politics: Inside the Race Game of Southern History
1-60306-050-2, Trade Paper
South, America
1-60306-315-3, Trade Paper
Southern Indian Myths and Legends
1-58838-253-2, Trade Paper
Spit, Scarey Ann, and Sweat Bees: One Thing Leads to Another
1-58838-240-0, Trade Cloth
Standards Matter: The Why and What of Common Core Standards in Reading and Writing
1-60306-376-5, Trade Paper
Stealth Reconstruction: An Untold Story of Racial Politics in Recent Southern History
1-58838-239-7, Trade Paper
Storming the State House: The Campaign That Liberated Alabama from 136 Years of Democrat Rule
1-58838-283-4, Trade Cloth
Storming the State House: The Campaign That Liberated Alabama from 136 Years of Democrat Rule
1-58838-364-4, Trade Paper
The Strong Current: Book One: Attaugee
1-60306-046-4, Trade Paper
1-60306-029-4, Trade Paper
Tasia’s Table: Cooking with the Artisan Cheesemaker at Belle Chevre
1-58838-272-9, Trade Cloth
Teddy’s Child: Growing Up in the Anxious Southern Gentry Between the Great Wars
1-58838-195-1, Trade Cloth
Ten Stars: The African American Journey of Gary Cooper—Marine General, Diplomat, Businessman, and Politician
1-58838-324-5, Trade Cloth
There Is a River
1-58838-090-4, Trade Cloth
These I Would Keep: Selected Poems by the Poet Laureates of Alabama
1-58838-000-9, Trade Cloth
They Say the Wind Is Red: The Alabama Choctaw — Lost in Their Own Land
1-58838-079-3, Trade Paper
They Tore Out My Heart and Stomped That Sucker Flat
1-58838-258-3, Trade paper
Thirty Years a Slave: From Bondage to Freedom
1-58838-091-2, Trade Paper
This Day in Civil Rights History
1-58838-241-9, Trade Paper
Three Not-So-Ordinary Joes: A plantation newspaper, a printer’s devil, an English wit, and the founding of Southern literature
1-58838-323-7, Trade Paper with French Flaps
Through a Glass, Darkly
1-58838-054-8, Trade Cloth
Through a Woman's Eye: The Early 20th Century Photography of Alabama's Edith Morgan
1-58838-263-X, Trade Cloth
Through Others' Eyes: Published Accounts of Antebellum Montgomery, Alabama
1-60306-258-0, Trade Paper
Tinsley Harrison, M.D.: Teacher of Medicine
1-58838-226-5, Trade Cloth
To Yield a Dream
1-58838-099-8, Trade Paper
True Divinity in Christ: A Testimony of Faith and Hope with Four Short Stories
1-60306-057-X, Trade Paper
Tubby Meets Katrina
1-58838-203-6, Trade Cloth
Turbo’s Very Life and Other Stories
1-58838-187-0, Trade Cloth
The Tuskegee Airmen and the “Never Lost a Bomber” Myth
1-60306-105-3, ebook
Tuskegee Airmen Questions and Answers for Students and Teachers
1-60306-381-1, Trade Paper
The Tuskegee Airmen, An Illustrated History: 1939-1949
1-58838-244-3, Trade Cloth
The Tuskegee Syphilis Study: An Insiders’ Account of the Shocking Medical Experiment Conducted by Government Doctors Against African American Men
1-60306-309-9, Trade Paper
Unbroken and Unbound
1-60306-030-8, Trade Paper
The United States of Mestizo
1-58838-288-5, Trade Cloth
Vanished in the Unknown Shade: Poet Sidney Lanier’s Montgomery Years
1-60306-261-0, Trade Paper
The View from Here
1-58838-347-4, Trade Cloth
Voices Beyond Bondage: An Anthology of Verse by African Americans of the 19th Century
1-58838-298-2, Trade Cloth
Voices from the Dexter Pulpit: Sermons from the First Church Pastored by Martin Luther King, Jr.
1-60306-031-6, Trade Paper
A Walk with Love and Death
1-60306-130-4, Trade Paper
Watermelon Wine: The Spirit of Country Music
1-58838-160-9, Trade Paper
Waters of Life from the Conecuh Ridge: The Clyde May Story
1-60306-012-X, Trade Paper
When Heaven and Earth Collide: Racism, Southern Evangelicals, and the Better Way of Jesus
1-60306-350-1, Trade Paper
Where We Stand: Voices of Southern Dissent
1-58838-169-2, Trade Cloth
Where We Stand: Voices of Southern Dissent
1-60306-163-0, Trade Paper
A White Preacher’s Message on Race and Reconciliation: Based on His Experiences Beginning with the Montgomery Bus Boycott
1-58838-190-0, Trade Cloth
Why Beulah Shot Her Pistol Inside the Baptist Church
1-58838-167-6, Trade Cloth
Why Not Win? Reflections on a fifty-year journey from the segregated South to America’s board rooms – and what it can teach us all
1-58838-384-9, Trade Cloth
Why Public Schools? Whose Public Schools?: What Early Communities Have To Tell Us
1-58838-110-2, Trade Paper
Why Public Schools? Whose Public Schools?: What Early Communities Have To Tell Us
1-58838-123-4, Trade Cloth
Wings of Denial: The Alabama Air National Guard’s Covert Role at the Bay of Pigs
1-58838-021-1, Trade Paper
Wings of Opportunity: The Wright Brothers in Montgomery, Alabama, 1910
1-58838-168-4, Trade Paper with French flaps
Women of Fair Hope
1-60306-041-3, Trade Paper
Won Over: Reflections of a Federal Judge on His Journey from Jim Crow Mississippi
1-58838-342-3, Trade Cloth
Working the Dirt: An Anthology of Southern Poets
1-58838-131-5, Trade Paper
The Works of Matthew Blue, Montgomery's First Historian
1-58838-031-9, Trade Cloth
The World of the Southern Indians: Tribes, Leaders, and Customs from Prehistoric Times to the Present
1-58838-252-4, Trade Paper
The Worthy Way: Memoirs of a Pioneer Black Law Enforcement Officer
1-60306-034-0, Trade Paper
The Wrong Side of Murder Creek: A White Southerner in the Freedom Movement
1-58838-394-6, Trade Paper
The Yazoo Blues
1-58838-217-6, Trade Cloth
Junebug Books
Alef-Bet: A Hebrew Alphabet Book
1-58838-233-8, Trade Paper with French Flaps
Chicken Man
1-58838-223-0, Trade Cloth
Chicken Man
1-58838-237-0, Trade Paper
Cracker's Mule
1-58838-105-6, Trade Paper
The Creek Captives
1-60306-021-9, Trade Paper
Daisy Bates: The Champion of the Little Rock Nine
1-58838-081-5, Trade Paper
Dorie Miller: Naval Warrior
1-58838-082-3, Trade Paper
E.D. Nixon: The Life of a Resourceful Activist
1-58838-098-X, Trade Paper
Ernest’s Gift
1-58838-149-8, Trade Cloth
1-58838-137-4, Trade Paper
The Fairytale Trilogy: Fairytale, The Emperor’s Realm, and The Three Crowns
1-58838-251-6, Trade Cloth
The Gold Disc of Coosa
1-60306-018-9, Trade Paper
Hank Aaron: The Life of the Home-Run King
1-58838-095-5, Trade Paper
Hoggle's Christmas
1-60306-026-X, Trade Paper
In the Company of Owls
1-58838-036-X, Trade Cloth
Johnnie: The Life of Johnnie Rebecca Carr
1-60306-033-2, Trade Paper
Little Brother Real Snake
1-58838-147-1, Trade Paper
Muhammad Ali: The Greatest
1-58838-083-1, Trade Paper
Nat King Cole: An Unforgettable Life of Music
1-58838-096-3, Trade Paper
Secret of the Satilfa
1-58838-249-4, Trade Cloth
Shlemiel Crooks
1-58838-165-X, Trade Cloth
Shlemiel Crooks
1-58838-236-2 , Trade Paper with French Flaps
1-58838-230-3, Trade Cloth
1-58838-262-1, Trade Cloth
Trouble on the Tombigbee
1-58838-270-2, Trade Cloth
A Yellow Watermelon
1-58838-197-8, Trade Cloth
Court Street Press
Diet for Life: A Metabolism Expert’s Commonsense Plan for Overcoming Obesity
1-58838-224-9, Trade Cloth
Education as Spiritual Enterprise: Essays on Moral Discernment
1-58838-125-0, Trade Paper
1-58838-056-4, Trade Paper
Espresso Evenings
1-58838-080-7, Trade Paper
Man and His World
1-58838-179-X, Trade Paper
Margaretha’s Trunk: A Genealogical Novel
1-58838-153-6, Trade Cloth
Midnight Coffee
1-58838-035-1, Trade Paper
Missing In Paradise
1-58838-156-0, Trade Paper
Mississippi Delta Women in Prism
1-58838-038-6, Trade Paper
My Korea: A Veteran’s Memories of the Unmentioned War
1-58838-138-2, Trade Paper
The Outrageous Times of Larry Bruce Mitchell
1-58838-124-2, Trade Paper
The Prayer Amendment: A Satire of Southern Politics and Religion
1-58838-118-8, Trade Paper
Quaternion Organon: A Journey of One Eternal Round
1-58838-040-8, Trade Paper
Row Away from the Rocks
1-58838-154-4, Trade Paper
Silver Songs
1-58838-074-2, Trade Paper
Straying Toward Home
1-60306-028-6, Trade Paper
Their Last Ten Miles
1-58838-155-2, Trade Cloth
A Walk Through Darkness: For All Those Who Grieve And All Those Whose Grief Is Yet To Come
1-58838-136-6, Trade Paper
The World According to Whiskey
1-58838-132-3, Trade Paper
A Writer's Tool Kit: 12 Proven Ways You Can Make Your Writing Stronger—Today!
1-58838-045-9, Trade Paper