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Kerry Palmer
'Echoes' of Robert E. Lee High School: The First Decade, 1955-65
ISBN: 1-60306-379-X, Trade Paper
Robert G. Pasquill, Jr.
Planting Hope on Worn-Out Land: The History of the Tuskegee Land Utilization Study, Macon County, Alabama, 1935-1959
ISBN: 1-58838-205-2, Trade Cloth
Horace Patterson
Unbroken and Unbound
ISBN: 1-60306-030-8, Trade Paper
Edward Pattillo
Carolina Planters on the Alabama Frontier: The Spencer-Robeson-McKenzie Family Papers
ISBN: 1-60306-138-X, Trade Cloth
Betty Payne
Shine Annie
ISBN: 1-60306-004-9, Trade Paper
Ann Pearson
Lost Auburn: A Village Remembered in Period Photographs
ISBN: 1-60306-119-3, Trade Cloth
Eddie Phillips
The Other Side of Montgomery: Growing Up White in the Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement
ISBN: 1-60306-055-3, Trade Cloth
Sue Pickett
The Path Was Steep: A Memoir of Appalachian Coal Camps During the Great Depression
ISBN: 1-58838-261-3, Trade Paper with French Flaps
James Pittman Jr., MD
Tinsley Harrison, M.D.: Teacher of Medicine
ISBN: 1-58838-226-5, Trade Cloth
B. Andrew Plant
Crooked Letter i: Coming Out in the South
ISBN: 1-58838-313-X, Trade Paper with French Flaps
Freeman W. Pollard
E.D. Nixon: The Life of a Resourceful Activist
ISBN: 1-58838-098-X, Trade Paper
Daniel Pollitt
American Crisis, Southern Solutions: From Where We Stand, Promise and Peril
ISBN: 1-58838-228-1, Trade Cloth
Civil Liberties in a Time of Crises: The Dark Side
ISBN: 1-60306-173-8, ebook
To Rescue Our Heritage
ISBN: 1-60306-180-0, ebook
Where We Stand: Voices of Southern Dissent
ISBN: 1-58838-169-2, Trade Cloth
Robert Pratt
Historians in Service of a Better South: Essays in Honor of Paul Gaston
ISBN: 1-60306-446-X, Trade Paper
John Pritchard
Junior Ray
ISBN: 1-58838-111-0, Trade Cloth
Junior Ray
ISBN: 1-58838-232-X, Trade Paper
Sailing to Alluvium: A novel
ISBN: 1-58838-269-9, Trade Cloth
The Yazoo Blues
ISBN: 1-58838-217-6, Trade Cloth