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Jay Lamar
Charles Darwin: A Celebration of His Life and Legacy
ISBN: 1-58838-281-8, Trade cloth
J. Drew Lanham
American Crisis, Southern Solutions: From Where We Stand, Promise and Peril
ISBN: 1-58838-228-1, Trade Cloth
Towards Home
ISBN: 1-60306-183-5, ebook
Matthew Lassiter
Historians in Service of a Better South: Essays in Honor of Paul Gaston
ISBN: 1-60306-446-X, Trade Paper
Irene Latham
Leaving Gee's Bend
ISBN: 1-58838-332-6, Trade Paper
Suzanne Lea
Crooked Letter i: Coming Out in the South
ISBN: 1-58838-313-X, Trade Paper with French Flaps
Larry Lee
In the Land of Cotton: How Old Times There Still Shape Alabama’s Future
ISBN: 1-60306-397-8, Trade Paper
Mr. Brandon's School Bus: What I Heard on the Way to School
ISBN: 1-58838-322-9, Trade Paper
J. Mack Lofton, Jr.
In the Name of the Law: An Oral History of Law Enforcement
ISBN: 1-58838-126-9, Trade Paper
Fidel Louis
Voices Beyond Bondage: An Anthology of Verse by African Americans of the 19th Century
ISBN: 1-58838-298-2, Trade Cloth